To Senyati from Palapye

Our journey to Senyati (near Kasane) surprised us with elephant sightings and downpours of rain. On this stretch of fairly good road we encountered only a few potholes which we dodged effortlesly. However, there are numerous animals on the side of the road and often right in the middle of the road. We dodged them also!

We woke up early on Saturday morning (5 February – my father-in-law’s birthday) and left Palapye at around 6am. It had been raining all night and the rain continued to pour until mid-afternoon. This obviously reduced visibility and speed. Also, the road surface seems to retain the water in large puddles and ‘rivers’. This increases the risk of aquaplaning. I reckon, there were many potholes which we couldn’t see since the rain filled them and covered them.

Elephant Sands

On the way to Senyati, about 51km outside of Nata, we discovered a very beautiful spot to have lunch surrounded by elephants. The sign post read “Elephant Sands: where elephants rule”. We had to engage four-wheel-drive as we drove the 2km along the sand track to the reception. On the way we saw a huge elephant right next to the track.

Elephant Sands is a lovely remote tourist resort with a waterhole right in the middle surrounded by the tented accommodation and the restaurant area. We felt really privileged to be so close to the elephants as they refreshed themselves by the waterhole. As we ate our lunch the elephants were sometimes within 5m of our table!

Elephant Sands Lunch
Elephant Sands waterhole

4×4 to Senyati

We reached the turnoff to Senyati at around 4pm. The board on the side of the road warned us that the route to the Camp is strictly a 4×4 route and that those without 4×4 capability should use a different route. The sand track had been hardened by the rain, so we had no trouble getting through with our heavily laden 4×4.

Wildlife flocks to Senyati

Wow! What an incredible privilege to spend the night among the wildlife at Senyati Safari Camp! Our cabin was within 20m of the waterhole. We saw elephants, a huge herd of buffalo, zebras, impalas, giraffes, jackals, mongoose, foxes, and loads of birds. Renée was in her element with all the birdlife around us.

Elephant at Senyati waterhole
Senyati Lodge

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