Sunrise on the road to Ndola

Escape from Lusaka

On Monday 14 March we finally received the long-awaited news that our vehicle documents were ready. This meant that we could finally escape the clutches of Lusaka. We had slowly started packing in the hopes that it would be happening sometime this week but now the time was upon us. It was 4:30 pm and

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Stuck in Lusaka

Stuck in Lusaka

We left Cape Town about a month ago heading for Chavuma, but now we are stuck in Lusaka. It’s been 2 weeks since we arrived here. Philip (our Zambian clearing agent) initially told us it would only take about 3 days to process the importation of our vehicle. Why is it taking so long? A

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Crossing into Zambia

Reluctantly we left our amazingly beautiful accommodation in Senyati at around 10am on Sunday morning (6 February) as we would be crossing into Zambia. The serene morning offered peaceful scenes by which we did our devotions as we read from the Bible among the beautiful wildlife. The long complicated day demanded this peaceful start as

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