Small World or Big God?

Prior to our departure to Chavuma, we were invited to dinner by dear friends of ours (Andy & Yvonne). Our conversations that evening left us marvelling. What a small world we live in or rather what a big God we serve!

We shared with them about our plans to go to Chavuma and what we are hoping to do there. Yvonne said that she knows a lady who also served the Lord somewhere in Zambia. She couldn’t remember exactly where but just that it was somewhere very remote. She told me that this missionary, Sandra Michie, had written a book called “God’s Patchwork”. Yvonne promised to look for it and loan it to us to read.

God’s Patchwork

A week or so later the book was found and I eagerly started to read it. Over the next few days my excitement grew. I recognised many of places and names mentioned in the book! Sandra was a nurse who served as a medical missionary at Lukolwe mission. That is just 10km from the Waymakers mission base where we are going to be serving. At night we can sometimes see their lights when we look out over the Zambezi River to the West Plains! Is it a small world, or do we serve a big God?

God’s Patchwork – map of Chavuma District


I was nearing the end of the book. My husband (Michael) walked into the room and interrupted my reading. He read an email to me which he had just received from other friends of ours (Deryck and Iris). Deryck mentioned someone they knew who had also worked as a missionary nurse in Chavuma some time ago. The small-world moment was the name, Nicki Hunt! I was at that precise moment staring at a page in the book with a picture taken by Nicki Hunt. She was a friend of Sandra and they worked together for a number of years at Lukolwe Mission. “What is that name again?” I asked. “Nicki Hunt” he replied and I said with a chuckle, “Are you talking about this Nicki Hunt?” I got all goose-bumpy and just wanted to laugh at the awesomeness of our big God.

This is the page I was reading when Michael mentioned an email from Nicki Hunt.

Small World?

What a crazy coincidence! Or should I rather say God-incidence? What are the chances that two separate couples in our home church know the same person independently? How unlikely that this missionary is serving in the very remote and unknown part of Zambia where we are going. Last year on our exploratory mission to Chavuma not even the immigration officials knew where Chavuma was. That’s how remote it is! Is it a small world or do we serve a big God?

Big God!

To me this was just such a clear show of God’s Love for us. He gives us these encouraging and uplifting moments to keep us motivated and focussed on the goal. It strengthens our trust in Him and gives us assurance that He will carry us through all that lies ahead. He has gone before us like He did with the Israelites in a pillar of fire and cloud.

Some would say it’s a small world – but I say our God is just that Big!

Re-fired – not Retired.

Although Sandra Michie is not in Zambia anymore, I wouldn’t say she is retired. It’s more like the Lord released or relocated her for a different calling. She is currently still serving the Lord in England. Reading about her work and the various challenges she experienced was such an encouragement to my heart. It is wonderful to read about how God used others in ministry. All the more so when it is in the very remote part of Zambia where God has called us too. If you would also like to be encouraged by her book you can order it here.

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  1. Hello Micheal and Renee, we are so proud of you. We have fond memories at the Mission as you’ll were growing up, with our children being at school with you’ll. Remember training you’ll for sports and how well you’ll performed.
    We remember visiting you’ll when we came on furlough from the mission field and had a lovely time in Cape Town with you’ll. Remember assisting Micheal with his cabinet making.
    We have been following you and praying for you both. It is exciting for us and promise to continue praying for you’ll.

    God bless you both in the Name of Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord from Ps Samuel and Aunty Devi with Love and Prayers.

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