SIM Membership

We have successfully managed to pass through the SIM membership application process. We are now ‘appointee members’ whilst we wait to pass through the SIM orientation process known as SIM-Start. After this 7-day online (zoom meetings) orientation course we will have a good idea of who SIM is and how they operate.

Our SIM-Start started today (7 November 2022) and will be concluded by 15 November.

Full Members

We will become ‘Full Members’ after we have completed SIM-Start and signed the membership documents. Orientation will give us a chance to decide whether or not we want to be full members of SIM. This is an opportunity for us to ask questions. We will get to know the ‘nitty-gritties’ of the organisation we will align ourselves with. Although they have accepted us as ‘appointee members’, we now must choose if we want to be members.

SIM Zambia

One of the reasons we chose to pursue SIM Membership is because we met with the SIM Zambia director (Dave Roberts) in Lusaka during our catastrophic evacuation in August 2022. Dave sympathised with our situation seeing the need for us to be supported in our call to train bush pastors in Chavuma. He agreed that SIM Zambia would be able to support us with administration, accountability, and member care in this area. However, this would need to be in consultation with SIM South Africa. So, as soon as we arrived in Cape Town, we made arrangements to begin the SIM membership application process.

SIM Membership means SIM Family

We are very happy with the progress so far and are eager to get back to Zambia to continue the work we believe God has called us to. As we get to know SIM, we are learning more about how we can fit into this massive family of missionaries. We see many opportunities for us to serve this family. It is a great comfort to know that there is a loving family that will serve us. Yet it gives us greater joy knowing that we will fit into this family and serve them too.

As ‘new arrivals’ in this family, pray for us as we get to know them through this SIM-Start process. Pray that we will really get to know how this family of 4000+ missionaries serve in community with each other whilst they serve the people they have been called to. We will soon be one of them when we sign our membership forms at the end of SIMStart.

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