SIM Application Progress

We have applied for full membership to serve as SIM missionaries and our SIM application is progressing well.

The SIM application progress has been intense and vigorous with multiple documents, questionnaires, and checks. Their membership application process is the most thorough that we have ever encountered! We have had to complete doctrinal questionnaires, get health checks, psych analysis, revisit our darkest moments in the ‘Lifestyle’ questionnaires. This was followed by face-to-face interviews. Strangely, the thoroughness of this application process is actually quite comforting. It gives us a sense of security because it is clear that they don’t just accept anyone as members ‘willy-nilly’.

We are super grateful for the SIM South Africa team (especially Gerrie) for fast-tracking our application. This means that we can get back to Zambia ASAP. We have already been on this application process for two months. We hope to know whether or not we have been accepted by end of October at the Personnel Committee meeting.

If we are indeed accepted, then we’ll begin an orientation process called ‘SIM-Start’. Then we’ll meet with the finance committee to discuss our budget and financial needs. They’ll also guide us on how to do deputation to raise support from other churches and sponsors.

We thank God for progress made in restoring relationships with those that have been opposing us in Chavuma. We continue to trust that we will be welcomed back, not only to Zambia, but also to Chavuma by January next year. Pray with us as we have conversations with Waymakers as we seek peace and unity for the sake of Gospel progress in Zambia. (Read more…)

Please pray with us that:

  • The application process will be successful
  • We will be able to raise enough support to get back to Zambia
  • Peace and unity will prevail in our relationships

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