Secunda to Pretoria

249km travelled – 8.6km/lt – 81km/h

Thursday (3 February) was quite a hectic day of trying to find a lost parcel, purchasing tents from two different stores, and getting our Covid tests done. By the end of this day, we were really tired and needing a nice cold drink to cool us down. We found not only an ice-cold drink, but also warm hospitality at the home Renee’s friend (Maryke Kok).

The lost parcel really put a lot of pressure on the rest of the chores for the day. We were waiting for a parcel to be delivered from Durban by The Courier Guy (I had forgotten the GoPro accessories in Hillcrest at Steven’s home and arranged for it to be sent to Secunda). It seemed to have gotten stuck at the Johannesburg depot for some unknown reason as it hadn’t moved for more than 30 hours! We couldn’t wait any longer for it so we decided to go and pick it up ourselves so that we could continue with our journey northwards.

We left Garry’s house in Secunda at around 11am and headed for The Courier Guy’s depot in Johannesburg. We finally got the parcel in our hands at around 2pm.

After then getting our Covid tests done, we made our way to the two different Cape Union Mart stores to pick up the tents we had arranged that they would keep for us. Rush hour traffic made getting to where we needed to be frustratingly slow.

Arriving at Maryke’s home in Pretoria, was like finding an oasis in the desert! We were hot and sweaty and needed a rest. We had such a lovely time with Maryke and enjoyed a lovely meal (her pasta salad is the best).

I later rearranged the things on the roof-racks so that I could get the tents strapped on securely. The vehicle really looks encumbered with loads of burdens.

Heavily laden vehicle at Ampath

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