Our Three areas of Focus:

Train Pastors

Theological training for bush pastors

English Comprehension

Fair access to Education

Church Planting

Plant an English church in Chavuma

Train Pastors

Theological Training for Bush Pastors

Most pastors in the rural villages on the Western floodplains of the Chavuma area have no formal training at all. Our goal is to build these men and women up in theological training so that they can lead their congregations effectively.

Some of the rural pastors are currently going through the curriculum from Harvesters Bible School which provides a basic theological training.

We plan to introduce GWC’s EXPLORE Course for those pastors who demonstrate ability for a deeper understanding of the Scriptures. From this group of pastors we will send capable students for further theological training to Bible College for diplomas/degrees.

English Comprehension

Fair Access to Education

Most children in the rural villages on the Western floodplains of the Chavuma area are not able to progress from primary school to secondary school. One of the reasons for this is because their English comprehension is limited or non-existent.

English is the national language of Zambia. All classes in secondary school are taught in English. The devastating reality of this is that these kids are stunted in their education and have no real hope or choices for their future.

Our goal is to help these kids succeed in secondary school by providing literacy programs where they can learn and practice English.

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Church Planting

Plant an English Church in Chavuma

There is no Bible teaching English Church in Chavuma and yet there is a great need for one.

There is a large group of English speaking Zambians in Chavuma who do not understand Luvale. They are educated professionals who work in the bank, post office, clinic, police station, and municipal office, etc as well as more than 300 students at the Nursing College.

Our goal is to assist this English-speaking community with a culturally sensitive and contextually relevant English church-plant. 

An English church would also provide an opportunity for those who are learning English to be exposed to the English language as they hear the Gospel preached in English and sing English hymns as praises.

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