Learning to train apprentices in Lusaka

Learning how to Train Apprentices

It is crucial to train apprentices if we want to see churches growing and the Gospel advancing in Africa.

I joined 13 other pastors in Zambia for a very engaging and helpful workshop training in Leopard’s Hill, Lusaka to learn how to train ministry apprentices. Tim Thorburn taught us for 3 days (08:00 to 16:00, Monday-Wednesday last week) on the importance of developing character in apprentices.

We were greatly encouraged in our in-depth study of the book of Titus. The Apostle Paul had two main apprentices that we know of – Titus and Timothy. We can learn a lot about training apprentices today through studying the letters that Paul wrote to Titus and Timothy.

MTS teaches pastors to train apprentices

Tim Thorburn came all the way to Zambia from Sydney, Australia to teach us these important lessons. Tim works with MTS (Ministry Training Strategy) who have a vision to win the world for Christ through training ministry apprentices.

To win the world for Christ by multiplying Gospel Workers through ministry apprenticeships.

MTS Vision statement

The basic idea is that a pastor should identify and recruit an apprentice to work with him for 2 years with the goal of training him/her for ministry. This is hands-on training and should ideally precede formal theological training.

REACH-Zambia Apprentices

Since I joined Christ Church Lusaka in January this year, Dr. Paul Kayumba (the rector) had already identified 4 ministry apprentices and started training them. I now have the privilege of working together with Paul to train these men for ministry. The MTS training that Tim has introduced us to is hugely helpful in guiding us to know how to train these apprentices more effectively.

Christ Church Lusaka is the first Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church in Zambia (REACH-Zambia). With God’s help we envision more churches being planted in other towns in Zambia. We believe that this MTS training will be very helpful to facilitate this Gospel growth in Zambia.

Encouraging time of Fellowship

Over and above the MTS training with Tim, I had a wonderful time getting to know the other pastors who were also on the training. Most of them are from various Reformed Baptist Churches with whom REACH-Zambia has a healthy working relationship here in Lusaka. I really enjoyed learning more about their ministries and their theological journeys that brought them to where they are today.

Pastors: David, Joseph, Oswald, Tim, Dube, Wisdom, Curtis, Zinga, Paul, and myself.

This is the second training session that we have attended together. Tim was here earlier in May 2023. The plan is that there will be another 4 training sessions. I really look forward to growing in this area.

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