Hillcrest to Secunda

After spending some quality time with Renee’s family in the Durban area, we headed back to Hillcrest and spent Saturday night and Sunday night with Steven and Kanyo Mabugana. We were lavishly spoiled with warm hospitality.

The Mabugana family

On Sunday, we (together with Kanyo) attended Christ Church Umhlanga (CCU) where we met Sinen Majola, Balan & Christine Moodley, Jay Pillay, and Daniel and Amy De Freitas.

After church, Steven and family invited us to join them on the off-road riding track. This was a lot of fun. I got to ride a KTM 250 Motocross bike and a 4×4 quad bike. Renee also enjoyed riding in the dirt.

Renee getting ready to ride
Renee riding the quadbike

On Monday, we packed up our gear into the rig and headed on the 490km trip to Secunda to visit my brother (Garry Watson). The trip to Secunda was uneventful. However, the roads are littered with dangerously huge potholes. Our heavily laden rig could potentially take on some serious damage if we ran over one of these massive holes in the road.

We had a lovely time with Garry in Secunda.

Visit with Garry in Secunda

Whilst in Secunda, John Leach (the missionary in Chavuma whom we are going to help) asked me to get some tents for the evangelists who go out into the villages during the rainy season.

“Do you have space on the vehicle for some tents?” he asked.

“Well”, says I, “there is still a little space left on the roof racks”.

“Please buy 10 tents”, says John, “the evangelists desperately need them”.

So Renee and I did some research to find the most appropriate durable tents. Having found the perfect tent design, Secunda only had 2 in stock. We would have to get the rest in Pretoria.

The final export document which I was waiting for (the SAD500) finally came through and we were now ready to cross the borders (Botswana and then Zambia).

We’ll head to Pretoria, pick up the extra tents, get our Covid tests done, and then hopefully cross into Botswana on Friday.

Sasol refinery in Secunda

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