Hillcrest to Durban North

The distance from Hillcrest to Durban North is merely 46km, so we left later in the morning (Wednesday, 26 January) after getting some admin done.

We had a very comfortable stay at Steven’s home. I went to school with Steven on the mission school in KZN. We have been friends from our childhood. It was really nice spending some quality time with him and his family.

Before leaving Hillcrest, we went to visit Steven & Olga’s factory (Khanyitex). I am super impressed with the successful business that they have built. Steven is a very creative man and has massive faith in God and a deep love for his family and the people working for him.

Steven’s love for kids is clearly evidenced in the New Beginnings ECD that he has started right next to his clothing factory. Here the children as young as 3 months are cared for by professional staff. They have all their needs met and have a comfortable space to learn and grow. Their parents (working at the Khanyitex factory next door) have peace of mind knowing their kids are well-cared for just a glance away from them. They can pop in to check on them during their breaks.

We arrived at Renee’s aunt’s home in Durban North in the early afternoon. Renee’s mom and younger sister (Nadia) came over to visit. I am really happy that we can spend quality time with family.

The Durban weather is suffocatingly hot! We are incredibly grateful for the swimming pool to cool down – though the water is lukewarm. I think this heat is preparing us for Chavuma!

We had a braai for dinner – I did the Braai-ing whilst the ladies chatted away.

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