Faith When Trials Abound

Today we got the good news of our Visa approval but prior to this when things were still swaying in the balance, I was faced with a personal and spiritual challenge. Looking back knowing the Visa is approved, it seems so simple now but I am going to share with you anyway.

Last week in my morning devotions I was reading in Exodus about the Israelites being brought out of Egypt – I was quite horrified and challenged. We all know the story don’t we?

After the ten plagues which God miraculously ravaged on Egypt, the Israelites were set free from their bondage and allowed to leave. Soon after their departure however, Pharaoh regrets his decision and pursues them with his army.

God’s Powerful Protection

Then Exodus 14 introduces an incredible account of God showing his power and sovereignty in miraculous ways.
First He moves a pillar of cloud between the Israelites and the Egyptian army to make them almost invisible, then he sends a wind over the sea to make a path through the sea which allows the Israelites to walk through the sea on dry land. When the Egyptians follow into the pathway through the sea, God throws them into panic as the wheels of their chariots get stuck and they can’t even turn back. God then seals them into their watery grave by returning the waters into the sea and drowning them all! What a fantastic display of God’s Power and Protection of His People.

Grumbling against God

Reading this I feel exhilarated and my heart sings along with Exodus 15 as Moses and the people sing God’s praises and declare the wonders of God. But to my horror this praise is short-lived because just three days later they start grumbling and forget all of God’s goodness when they are found without water. Honestly, this made me angry! I couldn’t believe how ungrateful these Israelites were. These people were witnesses of such amazing miracles but so quick to forget God’s Faithfulness when things got tough.

What about me?

In pondering this I asked myself about my own life. How do I respond when things get hard and I don’t get my way? I have the benefit of hindsight looking back over the Biblical accounts; I have testimony of God’s provisions and all the miracles that I have personally seen; I also know that God fulfilled His promise to send a Saviour to the world who died for my sin but the first chance I get I turn away from Him. How hypocritical of me to sit in judgement over the Israelites when I am no different!

While we were waiting for our visas I was feeling so frustrated by the delay. It was causing problems for us because we couldn’t plan forward, we weren’t able to set a date for departure, or start packing until we got our visas. I was getting quite irritated and annoyed with the wait. My response was similar to that of the Israelites.

God has shown us His power and His love to us over and over again, but the moment that things don’t go according to my plans I find myself quick to grumble and complain. I often stop trusting him and try managing things my own way.

I am challenged to really trust God in all my ways. And I want to say to you reading this that God is able and He has proved himself over and over. When we are quick to get anxious and forget Him, STOP IT! Just stop it. He has got this.

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