Export a vehicle to Zambia

The export process can only begin once I get a work permit. The whole process is on hold until we get approval from Zambian Immigration. We hope to hear good news in this week.

I have been in communication with 3 different clearing agents in Zambia to determine what is required to get the vehicle ready for import. As an expatriate entering Zambia for missionary work, I qualify for duty-free status – but this doesn’t come automatically, nor easily. I’ll need to be interviewed by customs in Zambia before being granted this desirable status.

We are very grateful to Barbra (whom Mark put me in touch with). She has been incredibly helpful in preparing me for the export process as required by the South African Customs, SARS, Police, and the Registration Authority.

The Export Process for the Toyota 4×4

There’s a whole bunch of things that will need to be done on the South African side to get the vehicle ready for export. And then there’s another whole list of things that we need to do to get the vehicle ready for import into Zambia. This whole process may take two weeks from start to finish once we get the visa approval.

Here is a list of all that will need to be done. Hopefully I haven’t missed anything.

  1. Work Permit (Got it on 7 January),
  2. Register the Vehicle in my name (in process).
  3. De-Register the Vehicle.
  4. Apply for RPC Form.
  5. SAARPCO Certificate.
  6. ITAC Certificate.
  7. SAD500 Form.
  8. DEKRA Certificate.
  9. Vehicle Invoice.
  10. Personal Effects Inventory.
  11. Interview with Customs in Lusaka.
  12. Tax Payer Identification Number (Zambia).
  13. Duty-Free Status.
  14. Certify and circulate All Import documents to respective offices.
  15. Initiate Pre-clearance in Lusaka.
  16. Temporary Vehicle License.
  17. Drive vehicle to the Zambian border.
  18. Border Zambian Customs Release.
  19. Registration, License, and Number plates for use on Zambian roads.

We’ll certainly appreciate your prayers and encouragement as we try to get this vehicle exported duty free.

Thanks for your interest in our mission work.

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