Expensive Visa Complications

We’ve had a slight setback with regard to our visa application.

I heard back from the Zambian Immigration department and unfortunately they reverted my application back to me because they require a “Business Endorsement Stamp” from my ’employer’ (Waymakers) in Zambia. Since Waymakers Zambia has only recently registered in Zambia, they were not able to provide this particular document. My visa application was the first that Waymakers was trying to obtain under their own name.

Furthermore, the type of visa that I applied for was incorrect. Unfortunately, since I have never applied for a work permit before, I was ‘flying blind’. The advice and guidance I received during the application process came from somebody equally as ignorant as I (though I had anticipated they knew more since they have been working in Zambia for almost a decade already). Regrettably, this meant that I selected the wrong visa on the online application portal.

Anyway, the summary of this is that the first visa has been a total waste of precious time and money which is desperately unfortunate. I am grateful that Waymakers were willing to pay for my first visa but it is a great tragedy that it has all gone to waste.

The good news is that a new application has now been submitted today for my work permit in Zambia by one of Waymakers’ partner churches who have previously successfully applied for work permit visas for a Waymakers missionary. We have had to pay R21300 for this new visa application. Please pray that it will be successful this time around.

We are hoping to hear back from the Zambian Immigration department in the next 10 days.

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