Crossing into Zambia

Reluctantly we left our amazingly beautiful accommodation in Senyati at around 10am on Sunday morning (6 February) as we would be crossing into Zambia. The serene morning offered peaceful scenes by which we did our devotions as we read from the Bible among the beautiful wildlife. The long complicated day demanded this peaceful start as the border-crossing took 6 hours!

Serene Senyati Safari Camp

We filled up the tanks with diesel on the Botswana side of the border anticipating that it would be cheaper than in Zambia.

No more ferry crossing into Zambia

The Kazungula border has been recently rebuilt completely. The beautiful majestic bridge now dominates the area where the old ferry crossing used to operate. The buildings are all new and modern. The one-stop offices are streamlined as both Botswana and Zambia officials are in the same building. What an absolute pleasure to pass through this border control.

Crossing into Zambia over the new bridge at Kazungula

However, since we were permanently importing our vehicle into Zambia, we had to follow a much more complicated process than other travellers do. We finally drove into Zambia after spending 6 hours at the border. 

We still need to complete the importation and immigration processes in Lusaka. But for now, we are finally in Zambia!

Livingstone Accomodation

We arrived in Livingstone at around 17h30. We stayed at the Butterfly Lodge which we found on Our host, Ethel, was very pleasant and made us feel very welcome and comfortable.

We braai-ed at the pool area after having a refreshing swim in the pool.

Tomorrow we will travel to Lusaka.

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