Comrades Run for Wheels

Denzil Abrahams ran the 88km Comrades Marathon this year as a fundraiser to raise funds to help us purchase a mission vehicle for our mission work in Zambia.

People were invited to participate in this #run4wheels fundraiser by pledging some money per kilometre that he would complete. We had a total of R626.45 that was pledged per kilometre. With Denzil completing the full 88 kilometres of the Comrades Marathon, we have R37,527.60 that has been pledged.

Some people also pledged a fixed amount regardless of how many kilometres Denzil would finish. These pledges totalled up to R19230.

The grand total funds pledged through this #run4wheels fundraiser is R56,757.60 (as of 12 June 2023).

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in this fundraiser – to those who pledged finances, to Tokai Community Church for running with this initiative, and especially to Denzil Abrahams our dear brother who ran all 88 kilometres to God’s glory to raise funds so that more people can know Jesus.

By end of June the total funds that have come in total: R94,120!!

Denzil finished the Comrades
Denzil’s Comrades results 2023

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