Celebrating New Birth 🎉

Greetings from a busy and warm Lusaka! 

Once again this has been a busy month and the days have just flown past. We are grateful that we can once again share with you all that the Lord has done for us and through us here in Lusaka. 

Some highlights in this newsletter are:

  • The joyous birth of Lucy’s kittens,
  • Settling into our new church venue, 
  • The first Marriage in our church ever,
  • 5 years Cancer-free,
  • Ministry Updates,
  • Vehicle Search continues.

“And every day, in the temple and from house to house, they did not cease teaching and preaching that the Christ is Jesus.”
Acts 5:42

Kitten babies bring bundles of joy 😃

We praise God for the arrival of the three most beautiful kittens and all the joy they bring to us. Mommy Lucy decided to give birth to her litter on my bed and what an experience that was! She is such a good mommy and so proud of her kittens. Honestly, we are having a hard time dealing with all the cuteness overload. Unfortunately two of the kittens somehow contracted cat flu last week so some of the joy has been replaced with worry and the trauma of trying to give medications to such little babies.

'Charcoal' exploring the boundaries
'Helmet' peering into the big wide world

New Church Venue - Praise the Lord!

Christ Church Lusaka has a new venue! We thank the Lord for making it possible for us to sign a 6 month contract for the new venue at the Golden Peacock Hotel. The venue is quite suitable for us and seems to be working out well. We are praying that the Lord will use this place to grow and develop Christ Church Lusaka to where the Lord wants it to be. 

Michael leading the service in our new venue

First Marriage Blessing at Christ Church Lusaka

We celebrated our first wedding at Christ Church Lusaka this month and it was very pleasant because we were in our new venue at Golden Peacock. Paul Ngoma (one of our pastors-in-training) married his bride Dyness and it was a very special day for them. The whole day was very stressful as we were trying to work within the limitations of our contract with Golden Peacock and the 3 hours assigned to us but it went well despite all my fears and misgivings. Many of their plans changed last minute and kept evolving as the time ticked by but thankfully we came through it in one piece and the family were so thankful to celebrate this wonderful day. We are so happy for them.

Rev. Kayumba officiating the marriage of Paul and Dyness Ngoma
The couple taking their wedding vows

Cancer-versary ❤️

The 23rd of July was the 5-year anniversary of my cancer-free status. On this day in 2018, I (Renee) had a surgery to remove a cancer from my body and since then (despite our fears) have not had a reoccurrence of any cancer. We celebrate the Lord’s favour in sparing me from the clutches of cancer and giving me more time to serve Him. This day is significant for us because it reminds us that life is short and time is precious. It reminds us to cherish every moment together and to live our lives fully for the Lord every day because at any moment our time here on earth could be up.

We celebrated 5 years cancer-free with lovely Indian food

Word-ministry keeps us busy

The month of July has been good and eventful in the ministry department. Things are going on mostly as planned and without (too much) drama or big changes. The regular weekly ministries like Sunday services, growth groups, explore course and one-to-one discipleship meetings are continuing on well and we are thankful to God for growing and sustaining them. We cherish the relationships that are being built.

Explore Course Training
Renee doing the Kids Slot
Matero Growth Group

“And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”
Acts 4:12

Vehicle Search

We are so grateful to God and to all of you, for the funds that have come in for a vehicle. The biggest challenge now is finding the right vehicle within the budget that we have. Please continue to pray for us for wisdom as we search for the right vehicle. Pray that the Lord will guide us and provide the gem we are looking for.

Praise God For:

  • Three beautiful kittens that bring so much joy;
  • God’s hand in sustaining my health these past 5 years;
  • The new venue for CCL till December;
  • The many ministry opportunities we have here in Lusaka.

Pray For:

  • The weekly one-on-one discipleship meetings;
  • The growth of the four men being trained for ministry;
  • The new wedded couple: Paul and Dyness Ngoma;
  • Wisdom in the choosing and purchasing of a vehicle;
  • Complete healing for the two sick kittens.