Abe’s Repair

I have been visiting the panel-beater daily to oversee the repair of Abraham (our vehicle). Since Abe arrived in Lusaka, it has been at the panel-beater’s workshop. I am a bit nervous about the Zambian-style work environment because it doesn’t look professional. It hurts just to see Abraham surrounded by all those other smashed up […]

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Vehicle purchased - 1

We bought a Vehicle

There is good news on the vehicle front. We have finally purchased a vehicle that fits our needs and our budget with the funds that were raised during the #run4wheels fundraiser. We are excited about this vehicle as it is just what we need for mission work in Zambia. The vehicle has been ordered from Thailand and

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Comrades Run for Wheels

Denzil Abrahams ran the 88km Comrades Marathon this year as a fundraiser to raise funds to help us purchase a mission vehicle for our mission work in Zambia. People were invited to participate in this #run4wheels fundraiser by pledging some money per kilometre that he would complete. We had a total of R626.45 that was

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