Cape Town to Bloemfontein

Distance travelled: 954km
Average fuel consumption: 8.9km/lt
Average speed: 89km/h

We left our home in Marina da Gama, Cape Town at 04h55 on Monday 24 January. The vehicle was heavily loaded and straining under the load. We were mildly anxious to see how it would handle such a heavy load. After about an hour on the road, our nerves were calmed by the fact that this Toyota is a beast! It handles the load pretty well. We have named this Toyota ‘the Beast’ – we think it’s quite appropriate.

The journey was uneventful and we had a pleasant trip to Bloemfontein. I don’t easily give up the driver’s seat (as Sergio Kruger will know), but I was exhausted from the weekend’s packing and loading (and I only managed to sleep for two hours). So I did the wise thing: I let my super-capable wife drive every now and again when I felt tired. She piloted ‘the Beast’ like a real professional.

We were warmly hosted at the lovely home of Ray & Roxy Beckman (rector of St. James Church, Bloemfontein). The boys (Samuel, Gabriel, Ezra, and Joel) are full of energy and were very eager to help us carry our bags from the vehicle. We had a lovely time of fellowship and getting to know each other (as we have never met before). Duncan and Alex King also joined us for dinner. It was great catching up with them again.

The next leg of our journey will take us to KZN where we will be visiting Steven Mabugana, our friend from our school years.

Cape Town to Bloemfontein

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