Expensive Visa Complications

We’ve had a slight setback with regard to our visa application. I heard back from the Zambian Immigration department and unfortunately they reverted my application back to me because they require a “Business Endorsement Stamp” from my ’employer’ (Waymakers) in Zambia. Since Waymakers Zambia has only recently registered in Zambia, they were not able to

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Miles for a Fridge

Our Off-Road Fridge has Arrived! 😃 Thank you for everyone who contributed Discovery Miles to enable us to purchase this fridge at an incredible 55% discount! God has really used your generosity to prove to us His faithfulness to provide for our every need. Thank you very much indeed!  God has proven his faithfulness to

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How I became a Christian

Before my encounter with God Freedom and rebellion were my primary values. Having grown up in a strictly conservative Christian home, I rebelled against all the Christian rules and regulations which were forced upon me and only wished to live free from any rules. I grew to hate God and despise Christianity which seemed intent

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