Presbyter ordination - the lord is good.

Ordained as a Presbyter

On Saturday, 18 November I was ordained as a presbyter in the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of Southern Africa. I am grateful to all who attended and made the day special by helping out in various ways. I am especially grateful to those who travelled to Zambia from Cape Town to share this special moment with Renée and I and Christ Church Lusaka.

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Swelling computer

A Swelling Computer

Is it normal for a MacBook to be Swelling? I am concerned that the swelling computer might explode! The expanding is getting progressively worse. The screws are straining to hold things together. The aluminium body is buckling and bending. The trackpad is sticking out awkwardly. I really don’t think it’s healthy for any computer to

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Vehicle purchased - 1

We bought a Vehicle

There is good news on the vehicle front. We have finally purchased a vehicle that fits our needs and our budget with the funds that were raised during the #run4wheels fundraiser. We are excited about this vehicle as it is just what we need for mission work in Zambia. The vehicle has been ordered from Thailand and

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Colossians 1:9-16 Syntax Diagram

This Syntax Diagram reveals a beautiful prayer that Paul prays for the Colossian believers. This important prayer is directed to our Father God who is described as having “qualified us”, “rescued us”, and “transferred us in the kingdom of His magnificent Son who is described as having superlative supremacy. The emphasis here is in the

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