Bloemfontein to Hillcrest

Distance travelled: 588km
Average fuel consumption: 9.2km/lt
Average speed: 86km/h

Tuesday 25 January we woke up refreshed in the home of Ray and Roxy Beckman. We were ready for the next leg of our journey and departed from Bloemfontein at 07h45.

Michael was feeling anxious about our monthly newsletter that was not out yet so we started planning for an appropriate brunch stop where we could get the admin done. We passed through a few towns but found no appropriate resting spot. When we got to Bethlehem we were reminded of Jesus’ birth when there was no room in the inn. We drove around looking for a good spot but decided to move on as no facility presented itself along the route. The best option turned out to be a rest stop in Montrose but by then it was way past lunch time. We satisfied our hunger while we finished the newsletter and sent it out.

After this, it was an uneventful drive and we arrived just after 17h30 at the home of Steven and Olga Mabugana in Hillcrest. Here we had a wonderful time of fellowship with old friends and family around the braai fire. The evening was characterised by happiness, laughter, and plenty food. It was really lovely to catch up with our special friends and supporters whom we haven’t seen in years (Renee’s Mom, uncle, and aunt, Sanette & Jordan [and Malachi] Holmes, Stephen Truebody, Keith Hamilton, Milton Naicker). We only got to bed after 2am because we were chatting up a storm. 

Thank you very much to Steven and Olga for hosting such a special evening in your lovely home.

Bloemfontein to Hillcrest

6 thoughts on “Bloemfontein to Hillcrest”

  1. So thrilled to hear you are safely in Chavuma. Thank you for the message on the TCC channel today Renee.
    Our prayers are with you both.
    Kathy & Melissa

    1. Thank you so much Kathy and Melissa. I’m sorry I’m only replying now to your comment. We love getting comments and feedback. It is a way for us to feel connected with our church and family back home.

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