Computer repair

Anxious Computer Repair

I am so glad I was able to repair Renee’s computer without it exploding. The battery had swollen so much that the casing made a frightening POPPING sound. We got such a fright since we anticipated it could explode any time. Fortunately, it didn’t. The warning that Sydney Butler gave really helped me to approach this repair with caution.

We were able to disassemble the MacBook with the help of YouTube (helpful video). After opening it up, we carefully removed the swollen battery and installed the new battery.

The real test came when we turned it back on again. Everything works as it did before! Yay! Computer fixed.

Renée is so happy now. So am I since I now get my computer back all to myself.

The Repair Process

Getting the back cover off safely was the biggest challenge since it was under a lot of pressure.

These screws were under an immense amount of strain!
Bryan and Denzil standing ready with the fire-extinguisher
The back plate POPPED open!
I carefully lifted the cover.
The centre battery pack was the main culprit.
We cautiously released the battery from the glue holding it down
Now just to clean off the glue.
Cleaned and ready for the new battery.
New battery installed.
Renée is very happy to have her computer fixed

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