In Tanzania - 1

‘ABRAHAM’ in Dar es Salaam

ABRAHAM has arrived in Africa

I have just received news that ‘ABRAHAM’ has been off-loaded from the ship in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. There is some paperwork that needs to be completed before it can make the road-trip to Zambia.

We trust that ABRAHAM will have a safe journey to Lusaka and arrive here in about a week.

Toyota Hilux in Dar es Salaam

Friends coming to see ABRAHAM

It would be so cool if ABRAHAM can arrive here in Lusaka in time for Denzil Abrahams to take it for a drive. Denzil has been so instrumental in helping us raise funds to purchase this mission vehicle (see the post on the #run4wheels fundraiser). Denzil, Glenn, Bryan, and Sharon are coming from our home church in Cape Town to Lusaka next week to attend my ordination service.

Almost 50% of the cost of this mission vehicle was covered by members at Tokai Community Church! What a huge blessing they are to us! We are grateful to God for their partnership. I really hope they get to see it when it arrives.

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