Abraham has Arrived – in ‘Hospital’

Our vehicle (Abraham) has finally arrived in Lusaka. It has arrived with some injuries sustained in transit in an accident with a motorcycle in Tanzania. Abraham arrived in Lusaka on Sunday, 3 December late in the afternoon. Abe was delivered directly to the panel-beater’s yard (the ‘hospital’) where he will be getting some repairs.

Now that I see the damage in person, it’s not as bad as it looked in the initial pictures that we had been sent. Don’t get me wrong – it is bad, but not as bad as I thought.

When I saw the first images when we first got the news of the incident, I said: “Abraham has a been in a fight – he has a ‘black-eye”. However, Zambians refer to a punched eye as a “red-eye”, not a ‘black eye’.

I’ll be checking up on Abraham each day as the repair work continues.

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