Who we are

Missionary Couple

We are Michael and Renee Watson – we are born-and-bred missionaries in Africa.

Both of us were born in South Africa and as such we are proudly Africans.

We love Africa and her beautiful people and have travelled extensively overland through much of this intriguing continent as we fell in love with it. 

Each of us grew up as missionary kids and attended the same missionary school so we are no strangers to the hardships and adventures of mission life. 

We are currently serving as missionaries with SIM in Zambia.

Missionaries in Zambia

We are missionaries with SIM (Serving in Mission) serving in Zambia (Africa). Mission work has been on our hearts for a long time and we feel a strong calling from the Lord to reach people with the Good News of God’s love.

We are grateful that we both grew up as missionary-kids, but it was only in our twenties that we each encountered the love our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Since then we have had a deep desire to share God’s love with all nations. Michael has Bachelor of Theology degree and Renée is a qualified high school teacher. We both feel called and equipped to help Zambians know Jesus better and to assist in the spread of the Gospel in Zambia.  We are quite excited at all that the Lord has in store for us!

Here’s an infographic that conveys our current Ministry Assignment in Zambia.

Our Sending Church

We have been members of Tokai Community Church since 2015 and really love our church. TCC is not only our home church, but also our sending church.

Michael Watson

I love motorcycles, surfing, and the outdoors. The ancient texts of the Christian Scriptures fascinate me and I have a great love for and intrigue in the Greek and Hebrew ancient texts from which the Bible has been translated.

I got saved on 15 September 2005 in Kwa-Zulu Natal and immediately had a deep desire to share the love of Jesus with others. I spent 10 years doing missionary work in many countries in Africa. Realising that I need to good theological foundation to be more effective in teaching the Bible, I enrolled in Bible College in 2016.

After graduating from George Whitefield Theological College in 2019 I served as a Curate at Tokai Community Church for two years (2020-2021). Having completed my curacy I was ordained into the order of Deacon in the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa (REACH-SA). I was ordained as presbyter of the REACH-Zambia denomination in 2023 in Lusaka.

After graduation I had intended to get involved in local church ministry in my home town (Cape Town). However, in September 2020 I experienced a clear call to missions – particularly to the remote floodplains of Western Zambia.

Renee Watson

I’m a high school Science teacher by profession and although passionate about my subject, I gave it up in 2021 to go to Zambia as a fulltime missionary. 

I have an honors in Science education but have also completed a TEFL course to enable me to teach English as a foreign language in Zambia.

I love nature and enjoy birding, motorbikes, and people.

I fell in love with Michael (now my husband) when I was only 8 and I’m still madly in love with him all these years later. 

I had a personal encounter with the LOVE of God in August 2010 and God changed my life forever from that moment on. Michael and I have been serving the Lord together since our marriage in 2011. 

My deep desire is to be used by God in whatever way He pleases. 

Our past mission work in Africa

Some Cool Facts about our past travels

In Africa

Km travelled overland
Countries visited

Since 2010 we have travelled overland extensively to many parts of Africa.

We Love meeting people

One of the things that we enjoy most about our travels through Africa is the friends that we make along the way.

Africa is Beautiful!

We are astounded at the incredible beauty of this continent. Every country we have been to has its unique characteristics that take our breath away. It is almost impossible to choose which has been our favourite.

Countries visited