Fellowship with the Botha's

A Refreshing Visit

We had a refreshing visit from our bush-loving friends which awakened Michael from the sickbed almost like Lazarus from the dead!

Our spirits are lifted and our hearts refreshed after a much appreciated and refreshing visit from our friends, the Botha family.  We met them during our delayed time in Lusaka and had an instant connection. Their love for the Lord and their love for their family is beautiful and instantly a new friendship was born.

Botha family visiting in Chavuma
Botha family in Chavuma

Igno, Astrid and their two boys De Wet and Edrich, are avid campers and explorers. Intrigued by where we were going they promised to come and visit in Chavuma. Many of our friends want to visit but the reality is that we are very remote and far-out. Not many can actually make the journey out here and we understand that.

But for the Botha’s this was the kind of challenge they live for. Shortly after we arrived in Chavuma, Igno contacted Michael to confirm dates and routes. Astrid contacted me to find out if we needed anything from Lusaka. I was obviously ecstatic because as you may have seen in some of our previous blogs and videos, I forgot quite a few things. I sent a very long list but gave them freedom to leave some things if there wasn’t space. 

Debilitating disease

In the meantime back at our base in Chavuma, Michael came down with some illness which floored him. It wasn’t COVID and it wasn’t malaria, but it was bad. I was afraid because I had never seen him this sick before.  I didn’t have anything more than panado and vitamin C to give him. After a visit to the mission hospital, Tamako (a Japanese missionary nurse) gave us some penicillin and ibuprofen. Michael was improving but it was slow and painful. Exhausted and emotionally drained with lack of sleep, I was depleted. Caring for my patient and managing the tasks of the base which Michael normally took care of was tough.

Gifted Treasures

Then the Botha’s arrived! Their presence was enough to lift our spirits, not to mention they did not come empty-handed. They offloaded boxes of treasures for us. They brought spices, food items, and lots of chocolate! Furthermore they brought vegetables and a massive bag of medications like ACC200 and Corenza C, vitamins and zinc. I fully expected to pay for everything because I had given the list but they refused to take a cent. This was all a gift! We are so grateful and touched by this kindness.

Never had I been so happy to see friends! They came at just the right time and mended our souls. Michael rose up like Lazarus from the dead. Only God knows where he got the energy from, but I believe that this visit from our friends was the breath of fresh air we needed.

We loved showing them around our new home. They relaxed and did some fishing in the beautiful Zambezi River. We took them on a boat trip to Waymakers’ forward base at Mahina and got caught in the rain. In the evenings, we sat around a camp fire to braai and just spend time together. Too soon they were on their way again. It was a short visit but so appreciated.

Caught in the rain on the boat
Caught in the rain on the Zambezi

Baptism with Crocodiles

On the morning that they were leaving, we took part in a very special occasion in this family’s life. Although Igno had been saved for a while, he had never been baptised. He asked Michael to baptise him in the Zambezi River in obedience to the Scriptures but also as a testimony to his family. 

Baptism in the Zambezi
Baptism in the Zambezi

It was an emotional moment for us as Michael and Igno waded into the croc-infested Zambezi. Before God, and witnessed by his wife and two boys and a few local Luvale men who were bathing in the river, Michael baptised Igno. Tears rolled as Pastor Kennedy sang to Igno, “The cross before you, the world behind you, no turning back” 

After the baptism, the Luvale men asked about what happened and how they can also be baptised. Pastor Kennedy talked with them and got their details to follow up with them and share the Gospel with them. 

Grateful Hearts

Thank you to the Botha’s for coming to visit. Thank you for blessing us with your presence and with all the groceries. We thank God for this refreshing visit from our friends and for His work in the life of Igno and his family. We thank God for giving us the strength and health to serve Him here in Chavuma.

In this update video we describe the blessing of the Botha’s visit to us

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  1. Dit was nou ‘n baie spesiale seen vir my om hierdie verslag te kon lees! En die mees emosionele die einde met hoe Vader die Bothas gestuur het op so ‘n uitdagende tyd!
    Groot en lofwaardig is Sy heerlike Naam! Hier sit ek met nat oe-e al is ek 84!
    SY wee-e is wonderbaar! So het ek Hom al leer ken!
    Mag julle Sy leiding en wysheid elke dag ontvang om SY wil te doen.
    II Pet.3:18.

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